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PowerGuard CFR Battery Charger

Part Number CFR Charger
PowerGuard CFR Battery Charger
PowerGuard CFR Battery Charger
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The POWERGUARD® CFR charger is designed to charge a valve-regulated (VRLA) gel cell battery. The POWERGUARD® CFR is an advanced ferroresonant industrial battery charger that controls its current output throughout the entire battery charging cycle. This type of technology is referred to as CFR or controlled ferroresonant technology. POWERGUARD® CFR chargers are rated to return 105% to 106% of nameplate rating in 8-10 hours. Auto Start/Stop When a battery is connected to the charger, the charger starts automatically after a five-second delay. The LED panel indicates when the charger is in the charge cycle, when it has reached the 80% charge point and when the charge cycle is complete or has terminated due to a fault. Added benefit: No user intervention required. Backup Timer Protection If the battery has a problem during the charge cycle, two backup timers protect against overcharging. If the battery doesn't reach 80% of charge in nine hours, or if the charge is not complete in six hours after 80% charge, the charger shuts down and a fault is indicated. Added benefit: Protects your battery from being overcharged. Negative Slope Termination The charge automatically terminates if a negative voltage slope is detected. Negative slope indicates that a battery is approaching thermal runaway. Added benefit: Prevents serious battery damage caused by overheating. The LIFEGUARD® 3 offers simple, efficient, reliable power.

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